The O'Connor Enterprises Waxbar Kit

The O'Connor Enterprises Waxbar Kit

The O'Connor Enterprises Waxbar Kit is designed to fit on any double backer, regardless of machine size. It's impressive revolutionary design allows for easy installation and access for regular maintenance. The enitre kit is sold only for final installation by the customer. You may click on the image to the left for a larger image to see how the wax bar kit is assembled.

The O'Connor Enterprises Waxbar

The use of the O'Connor Enterprises solid waxbar at the double backer reduces the drag significantly in the manufacture of White linerboard (Bleached Kraft), or any board that causes excessive drag in production. The results of using the O'Connor Enterprises solid wax bar can be easily measured by the decrease in amps that are used to run the corrugator.

The O'Connor Enterprises Wax Bar
Wax Bar Features:
1. No effect on printings or coatings
2. Improves bond on the double backer
3. Non-Flammable
4. FDA Approved

If you would like a quote on the Waxbar Kit or the Waxbar, please email us and we will be glad to contact you or send you this information.

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