O'Connor Enterprises T WRENCH

T Wrench
  • The O'Connor Enterprises T Wrench is manufactured in quality steel with the Allen key press fitted and welded.

  • The handle of the wrench is a standard 6" width to eliminate excess torque and breakage on bolts. The wrench is supplied in 12", 15" and 18" lengths.

  • The key is 4" long to allow a worn tip to be sawn off as wear occurs.

  • The wrench is supplied in any Allen size. Please stipulate when ordering.

  • The wrench is also supplied with socket head drive for square head collar screws, and also 12 point counter bore screws.

If you would like information on the O'Connor Enterprises T Wrench, please email us and we will be glad to contact you or send you this information.

  • Barry O'Connor
    O'Connor Enterprises, Inc.
    Anderson, Indiana
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