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Steel to steel Rotary

  •                 Advantages - 
                          High speed

                    High accuracy

                   Cuts thinner materials well

                    Can kiss cut

                    Can cut and score folding carton stock.

                    Cuts gaskets

                    Cuts films and bags


  •  Disadvantages
            High die costs, not for short production runs or 
                   low quantity production runs.

                   Very few die makers

                    Only roll fed.

                   Narrow web sizes

                                  Large sizes cost prohibitive or not available

The type you need depends on the job you need done, 
The materials your product is made from, 
how fast you need to produce your die cuts, and of course, 

how much money you have to spend.


Here are a few samples of Steel-to-Steel Die Cutting Modules. 
These High Precision, Custom Built machines 
are manufactured in the U. S. of A. 
and shipped world wide.

This picture shows the size range of  tooling. The small die is 2.5 Diameter X 6 wide web.  The large Die is 18.5 Diameter  X  44 wide web.





This shows a Die cutting Module for Flexible Packing.

This Unit is Electroless Nickel Plated and die cuts Stand up pouches.








This shows a die cutting module for cutting Portfolio Folders

with an added window.  It cuts a 24 wide web and has a black oxide finish.






This shows a very close tolerance die cutting module featuring a Tungsten Carbide Die. This can also be used with powdered Metal Dies.







This shows a large 
servo- driven Module 
and dies for form fill machines





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