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Soft cut Rotary Desctription

Advantages- can be either web fed or sheet fed.

                       (4) Standard Die Cylinder sizes

                        Many different Die cylinder widths

                       Medium to Hi speed

                       Uses low cost rotary steel rule dies

                        Many Die Makers

                        No die make ready

                        Uses standard anvil blankets

                        Cuts many different materials:

                         From abrasives, carpet, paper board,

                         Paper concrete stencils, corrugated

                         paper and corrugated plastic.


Disadvantages - not a precision cutting machine

                            Best attainable tolerance +/- .060.

                            Not suited for some foams.

                            Not suited for folding cartons.

                            Not suited for light films or papers.  

The type you need depends on the job you need done,

               The materials your product is made from,

                how fast you need to produce your die cuts, and of course,

                 how much money you have to spend.
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