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Industrial PC Control

    The Standard Model and the Auto-Set Model of the Magellan Boxmaker now feature Industrial PC control of the operator interface functions.  Formerly accomplished via a true English display, this new PC interface allows for more intuitive control of the set-up process.  Some of the features of the interface:

1.    Touchscreen interface.  Selection of set-up options, data entry, and most control features are as simple as touching the screen.  A simple to understand graphical user interface allows the operator easy control of the machine.

2.    Data retrieval.  Once the container data has been entered into the machine, it can be stored on the hard drive of the PC for later retrieval using the customer supplied part number.

3.    Long part number capability.  With the new control system, long part numbers are now available.  Part numbers of up to 30 alpha-numeric characters can be entered and stored.  The retrieval engine automatically sorts the part numbers by alphabetical order and the search function makes finding that obscure part number simple!

4.    Ethernet capability.  All Standard and Auto-Set Magellan Boxmakers come with Ethernet hubs built in to make company intranet connection a breeze.  Utilizing Windows XPô networking, simply configuring the Magellan to the network is all that is required.



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