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Moisture MeterThe offers a complete line of dependable, accurate, and portable moisture meters. Controlled by a micro processor, they provide reliable and fast readings, and are non-destructive. A meter can be used to measure the moisture content of just about anything (paper, wood, vinyl, etc.), with a penetration depth of only 3 cm. No matter what material you are analyzing, these are the best meters in the industry.

In addition to selling these high quality products, The also repairs broken meters and sells replacement batteries. O'Connor Enterprises is the source for all of your meter needs.


Wood Moisture MeterThe Wood Moisture Meter offers impressive, accurate results, along with the following exciting features:

Moisture MetersNon-destructive measurements in seconds
Moisture MetersA menu of most woods are pre-programmed
Moisture MetersThe material group set can always be seen in the display
Moisture MetersGraphic display with a clear digital display
Moisture MetersMicroprocessor controlled measuring with automatic zero point correction
Moisture MetersThe meter works with a standard 9V block battery

With the moisture measuring system DOMA, it's possible to supervise these parameters:

Moisture MetersWith the wood moisture meter, it's possible to measure the material moisture in the walls; a change in material moisture can be detected quickly and easily.
Moisture MetersWith the relative air humidity sensor "LFLT", it's possible to measure the relative humidity and the air temperature, the dew point can then be calculated from the measured values.
Moisture MetersWith the quick surface temperature sensor "WT", the wall temperature can be measured and compared with the dew point.

If you would like a quote on a this item or a specific part please email or call us with the part # and/or name that you are interested in and we will be glad to get in touch with you.


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