Rotary Diecutting Blanket

The 66" Rotary Diecutter Blanket is the most durable and efficient urethane cover in the industry. Made from tough TDI Urethane, this blanket is extremely cut-resistent, which leads to a longer life-cycle. However, this durable material remains forgiving enough to deliver good scoring.

Plus, by using this blanket, man-hours get cut in half! Once the insert is installed, this cover quickly locks into position without screws or fasteners. This product has the fastest rotation of any blanket, which makes for more mileage than ever! Rotate just one blanket with absolute ease. 

If you would like a quotation on the 66" Rotary Diecutting Blanket, please email us and we will be glad to contact you or send you this information.

  • Barry O'Connor
    O'Connor Enterprises, Inc.
    Anderson, Indiana
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