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Compu-Size Computer Conversion for older Rite-Size Boxmakers


O'Connor Enterprises is proud to present one of our newest products - the Compu-Size Conversion. The Compu-Size Conversion replaces the control system on existing Rite-Size Boxmakers with a computer control system.
    Once the control system is replaced, the old electro-mechanical switches are no longer needed. These switches are the source of most of the accuracy problems on the older series boxmakers as well as the biggest maintenance cost associated with the machine. With the removal of these switches, the machine is easier to operate and much easier (and less expensive) to maintain.


Special points of interest:

 No more sliding scales.

 No more limit switches.

 Auto-Set of the width and depth scores.

 Box data memory.

 Built in Ethernet hub.

 30 character alpha-numeric part numbers.



As an added benefit to the Compu-Size, the Compu-Size controls the placement of the width and depth scores and slots automatically, speeding up the set-up process and reducing set-up errors. The Compu-Size controls the placement of the scores via encoders, allowing the scores to move to the correct position while the operator is setting the infeed table guides.
    The Compu-Size utilizes a Windows2000 personal computer with a touchscreen, making interfacing with the machine quick and easy. In addition, the Compu-Size comes equipped with an Ethernet hub, allowing the machine to become a node on the company intranet by simply attaching an Ethernet cable.


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